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ICT Centres for rural Schools

ICT Centres for rural Schools

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) centre in 247 (approx.) schools located in rural areas of Ajmer/ Jaipur in Rajasthan will be estavlished with the objective to deliver state-of-art ICT infrastructure model in schools for future replication. ICT Centres are intended to accelerate socio-economic development in the region and to achieve freedom from distance by linking all parts of the region with the rest of the country through good telecom and internet services. The ICT centre would enhance the learning capabilities of students using technologies and applications like e-learning.

ICT-Infrastructure will enable students of rural areas to get connected with rest of the world facilitating exposure of computer education and advance technologies.

  • The Internet connectivity at these schools will benefit student to access the various kind of service including educational as well as community related websites and will connect rest of the world

Infrastructure will be provided to High school/Secondary and senior secondary schools nominated by state government of Rajasthan

Under the project 05 Desktop PCs in each school along with Printer, Scanning device, LCD screen, Pen Drive, webcam, microphone, Un-interrupted Power Supply, e-learning, e-content creation and sharing software, Computer furnitures with 10 chairs, site preparation for computer lab with marble Flooring, Electrical cabling, Internet / LAN cabling, DG Sets will be provided. It is also proposed to make few schools disabled friendly for physically challenged, blind and deaf students, so that integrated education may be facilitated in these schools.

Content delivered

  • Student will be able to access the e-contents and webcast of various lectures, can chat with teachers and students, and can collaborate among themselves for knowledge sharing and problem resolution.

  • Exposure of student to education through ICT will develop inquisitiveness among them and set free from rigidities of highly ritualized, bland and indifferent teaching that they have so far experienced.

  • It is also proposed to upload digital book contents and course curriculum in of Rajasthan education Board, which may be made available by the state government.

  • A software facility will be available for teachers/students for developing their own lectures/ presentation for sharing themselves.