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VSAT Communication Services

VSAT Communication Services

ERNET India provides VSAT communication services through GSAT satellite to facilitate Internet & Intranet access to Government’s education and research institutions located all over the country.

The Master Earth Station (MES) is located at Bengaluru and is functioning as the Network Operations Centre (NOC).  The MES is equipped with 9.2 meter antenna.


(Master Earth Station of ERNET India at Bengaluru)

ERNET India provides following types of VSAT communication services:

  1. DVB-S2 ACM / MF-TDMA based Broadband VSAT links

ERNET’s DVB-S2 ACM /MF-TDMA based Broadband VSAT network has a two-way star topology architecture. The Broadband VSAT links have common outbound capable of reaching up to 110 Msps. It supports all standard IP applications such as Internet/Intranet, VoIP, video conferencing, etc. These VSATs are cost effective and capable to provide data rate up to 4Mbps.

  1. Normal SCPC VSAT links:

ERNET’s Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) VSAT provides Point-to-Point connectivity in star topology configuration using SCPC modems. Both Outbound and Inbound carriers are dedicated in SCPC VSAT to provide assigned bandwidth to the institute. The normal SCPC VSAT is capable of providing data rate up to 8 Mbps which is suitable for institutions having large LAN and running critical applications requiring high uptime.

  1. High Capacity SCPC VSAT links (also in redundancy configuration):

ERNET’s high capacity SCPC VSAT provides Point-to-Point connectivity in star topology. These high capacity SCPC VSATs are suitable for delivering high data rates in the range of around 70Mbps with uptime of more than 99%.  These are suitable for institutions having large LAN setup and running critical applications requiring high uptime.

Distinguishing features of VSAT links provided by ERNET India:

ERNET VSAT Network operates in C-band of satellite transponder space segment, therefore VSAT links provided by ERNET India are least affected by rain and other weather conditions. These VSAT links provide a high degree of reliability and continuous operation all over the country.

They work efficiently even in difficult and far-flung areas of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands and North-Eastern states of the country in all weather conditions.



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The following is also provided to all Govt., Public sector, etc organizations:

  1. Execution of Turnkey based VSAT projects in India including design, setup, installation, commissioning, operations, maintenance, coordination with DOT for license work, coordination with DOS for satellite bandwidth, etc. in any satellite frequency band.

  2. All types of consultancy services in respect of VSAT communication Network.

  3. High Throughput Satellite links

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