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Office Memorandum for Hosting of Government related websites.

An autonomous Scientific Society
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, GoI

ERNET India, an autonomous scientific society under the administrative control of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology is functioning under the overall control and guidance of its Governing Council. The Hon’ble Minister for Electronics & Information Technology is the Chairperson of the Council and the members have been chosen from premier academic & research institutions, government organizations and professional bodies. ERNET India is serving academic and research institutions in the country by innovatively connecting them on Intranet and Internet using appropriate state-of-the-art technologies. Institutions anywhere in the country can now be connected to ERNET network.

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The ERNET network is a judicious mix of terrestrial and satellite based wide area network. The satellite Wide Area Network (WAN) uses Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology which is easily deployable and facilitates reliable and quick access to remote areas.

IPv6 Enabled Network

ERNET network supports IPv4 and IPv6 Internet Protocol in native mode with dual stack, unicast and multicast.

VSAT Network

ERNET India operates a VSAT network in C-Band using GSAT satellite for providing Internet & Intranet access to education and research institutions located all over the country.

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ERNET PoPs provide four types of services, namely, Access Services, Application Services, Hosting Services and Operations Support Services.

Access Services

Access Services at the ERNET PoP comprise of services that provide access to the ERNET network. Subscribers use radio links and VSATs with satellite bandwidth for data rate up to 50 Mbps.

Application Services

Network Application Services comprise of applications provided for ERNET subscribers like eduroam –Global wi-fi roaming services, Domain name service and hosting services etc.

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ERNET has conceptualized, developed and implemented large number of projects on turn-key basis for various Educational Institutes and Research Organization. Several National and International Projects have been done by ERNET India.

Development/renovation of Government websites to make them accessible for Persons with Disabilities (PwD)
NASSCOM – MeitY – ERNET Center of Excellence (CoE) for Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) management framework for Smart Cities
Information Security Education & Awareness (ISEA)-Phase II

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As a part of Digital India Initiative, ERNET India successfully envisaged, implemented and operated Smart Virtual Classroom facilities in 3204 Govt. owned/controlled schools plus 50 DIETs in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tripura, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The implemented Smart Virtual Classroom successfully improved the quality of education, addressed the need of specialized teaching staff at remote/rural location and provided a single cross-state ICT enabled knowledge sharing platform for training & skill development of educationist / teachers. Under the project, so far 20,016 sessions have been conducted which benefitted 70,77,600 students and also trained 65,092 teachers across 3204 schools and 50 DIETs. ERNET India has also organized IPv6 training programs.

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Research & Development

ERNET India has been carrying out research experiments on Visible Light Communications / LiFi jointly with IIT Madras and IIIT Delhi. Further, it is proposed to set up an Indoor Hybrid LiFi-WiFi multi user testbed under the MeitY funded joint project with IIITD to demonstrate various mobility scenarios and perform link aggregation experiments. The seamless mobility between WiFi and LiFi will be demonstrated with this set up in a typical auditorium setting.

ERNET India is executing a joint project with IISc Bangalore on “Designing Reliable and Low-latency Networks for Tactile Cyber-Physical Systems” funded by MeitY. The objective of this project is to design and implement Tactile Cyber-Physical System that addresses the challenges of achieving real-time interaction between physical and virtual worlds in prominent applications like remote surgery and virtual reality that require ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC).

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Domain registration

ERNET India is an exclusive domain registrar for education and research domains; registering the domains under, & from 2005.The domain registration, renewal & modification process is fully automated with online payment facility for registering and renewing domain names on just a click. The automated website is GIGW compliant. In automated system, customer can modify online their DNS entries and other permissible information related to their institution. ERNET registers domain names under विद्या.भारत under Internationalized domain names (IDN).

Since the users had challenges to manage their domains registered with ERNET, DNS Authoritative Name server Service for Educational & Research institutions was started on a commercial basis by ERNET. This has facilitated users apart from also bringing about revenue for ERNET. For this DNS server has been setup. Also to enhance credentials for restricting Private and non recogonised institute to register domain name under academic and educational domain new SoP was framed and implemented during the year. During the financial year April 20 - March 2021, ERNET had registered/ renewed approx. 5700 academic/educational/research domains and Total 15000 domains have been registered.

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