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EU-India Grid2

EU-India Grid2

EU-IndiaGrid2 is the second phase of the EU-IndiaGrid project, which was funded initially by the European Commission for two years starting from October, 2006.

The objective of EU-IndiaGrid was to :

  • Support the interconnection and interoperability of the prominent European Grid infrastructure (EGEE) with the Indian Grid infrastructure(GARUDA) for the benefit of eScience applications
  • Identify and aggregate research, scientific and industrial communities which may benefit from the use of Grid technology resulting in an eScience Network Community
  • Promote the use of advanced Grid technologies within the created Network Community relying on pilot applications in Biology, High Energy and Condensed Matter Physics and specific outreach and dissemination activities
  • Disseminate European EGEE Grid technology achievements in India and leverage on Indian Grid experiences and skills

This consortium project comprising of 5 European partners and 8 Indian partners was successfully completed. ERNET India’s role in the project was to provide network level interconnection between Indian grid GARUDA and European grid EGEE using ERNET-GEANT connectivity and to maintain the network connectivity between India and Europe. The project EU-InidaGrid2 proposes to capitalise on the achievements of the first phase of EU-IndiaGrid project and to make use of the momentum attained in e-Infrastructure evolution in Europe and India aiming at proceeding towards sustainable e-Infrastructures across Europe and India for the benefit of scientific, educational and technological cooperation across the two continents.

Specifically, EU-IndiaGrid2’s main objectives are to:

  • Enhance and increase the cooperation between European and Indian e-Infrastructures for the benefit of EU-Indian collaboration in e-Science.
  • Support specific user communities in the exploitation of grid infrastructure in areas strategic for EU-Indian collaboration.
  • Ensure a sustainable approach to e-Infrastructures across Europe and India through dissemination actions, meetings and workshops.
  • Foster and enhance cooperation with other European Initiatives in the Asian region and worldwide.

This two year project was initiated with a kick-off meeting in January, 2010 at New Delhi. There are six European partners and 10 Indian partners in this new project. The role of ERNET India in the new project is to provide network infrastructure support using ERNET-GEANT link and subsequently provide network infrastructure support using TEIN3.

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