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Communication is the key--in more ways than one. And a prerequisite for communicating is a connection, a link....ERNET India supports different connectivity options to connect wider user bases located even in remote areas.

The various connectivity options available to ERNET users are :

  • Terrestrial Link : This kind of connectivity is suitable where telecom network is well developed and dedicated leased line can be hired from DOT or other basic service providers. Such links are primarily for 64Kbps and 2Mbps speed. 
  • Radio Link :This kind of connectivity requires line of sight clearance from the network node to the concerned site. Radio links are very reliable and operational cost includes only maintenance of the equipment and a nominal licence fee to DOT. 
  • VSAT links : Two types of VSAT links are being provided for Internet & Intranet access:

    (a) TDM/FTDMA based Broadband VSAT links
    (b) SCPC DAMA VSAT links

    About VSAT links: ERNET’s Satellite based Wide Area Network
    ERNET India operates a VSAT network in C-Band using INSAT satellite for providing Internet & Intranet access to education and research institutions located all over the country. Its Mater Earth Station (MES) and Network Operation Centre (NOC) is equipped with 9.2 meter antenna and is connected to ERNET terrestrial backbone through a dedicated high speed link at Bengaluru. The VSAT network provides two types of links/services, viz., TDM / FTDMA based Broadband VSAT and SCPC DAMA VSAT.

    Distinguishing feature of VSAT links provided by ERNET India: ERNET VSAT Network operates in C-band of satellite transponder space, therefore VSAT links provided by ERNET India are least affected by rain and other weather conditions. Our VSAT links provide a high degree of reliability and continuous operation all over the country. Our VSATs work efficiently even in difficult and far flung areas of Andaman and Nicobar & Lakshadweep Islands in all weather conditions. 

    (a) TDM/FTDMA based Broadband VSAT
    ERNET TDM/FTDMA based Broadband VSAT network is based on the most recent, advanced & the industry-leading product, The SkyEdge - from Gilat Satellite Networks, Israel. The architecture of the network is a two-way star topology. The Broadband VSAT links have common outbound capable of reaching upto 66Mbps. It supports all standard IP applications such as broadband Internet/Intranet, VoIP, IP multicast, video conferencing, etc. These VSATs are cost effective and capable to provide bandwidth upto 2Mbps.

    ERNET SCPC DAMA VSAT network is based on the most recent, advanced & the industry-leading product, The Skylinx 8000 – from Viasat Inc., USA. In Single Channel Per Carrier Demand Assigned Multiple Access (SCPC DAMA) VSAT, Mesh & Star type point-to- point connectivity can be setup by configuring DAMA modems. Both Outbound and Inbound carriers are dedicated in SCPC DAMA VSAT for bandwidth assignment to the institute. The DAMA VSAT is capable of providing bandwidth upto 6.0 Mbps (3 channels each of 2Mbps) with one additional voice channel for voice communication. It is suitable for large institutions. .