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Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Name Designation Office E-mail
DG Office

Ms. Geeta Kathpalia

Director General +91-11-22170586


Ms. Jasvinder Kaur PS to DG




Terrestrial, Webhosting and Pop Operations
Mr. Dilip Kumar Barman  Director +91-11-22170574

barman[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Ranjan Kumar

 Joint Director +91-11-22170573

ranjan[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Mohd Owais  Joint Director +91-11-22170640 

owais[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Srikanth Mallepakula  Technical Assistant +91-11-22170642 

srikanth[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Domain Registration & Projects

Mr. B.B. Tiwari

 Sr. Director


bharat[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Praveen Misra  Addl. Director +91-11-22170595 

pm[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Ms. Tejal Tiwary  Deputy Director +91-11-22170583 

tejalt[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Special Projects, Connectivity, Wi-fi and Eduroam

Mr. Meharban Singh

 Sr. Director


s_mehar[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Ms. Nirmal Marwah  Joint Director +91-11-22170572 

nirmal[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Anupam Srivastav  Joint Director +91-11-22170593 

anupam[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Special Projects & IoT National Policy
Mr. Gajanan Pimparkar   Sr. Director +91-11- 22170575

gajanan [at] pimparkar[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Kishor Lala Addl. Director



Mr. Naveen Choudhary Joint Director 



Mr. Naresh Radoliya   PA



VSAT Operations
Mr. Avanindra Singh  Director +91-11-22170591 

as[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Arvind Shukla  Joint Director +91-11-22170589 

arvind[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Ms. Dimple Bammi  Deputy Director +91-11-22170589 

dimple[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Arun Kumar Singh  Registrar & CPO  +91-11-22170578  registrar[at]eis[dot]ernet[dot]in
Ms. Anju Rakheja  Section Officer +91-11-22170584 

anju[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Ms. Sunita Chawla  PS   sunita[at]eis[dot]ernet[dot]in
Mr. K.P. Subramaniam  Assistant   kpsubu[at]eis[dot]ernet[dot]in
Mr. Mohit Bansal  Jr. Assistant   mohit[at]eis[dot]ernet[dot]in
Mr. Anuj Sahani  Jr. Assistant   anuj[at]eis[dot]ernet[dot]in
Mr. Vipin Aggarwal  CFO +91-11-22170582 

cfo[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

vipin[dot]aggarwal[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Ms. Meenakshi Rai Bhatia

 Accounts Officer

(Functional designation as Deputy CFO)


mrai[at]eis[dot]ernet[dot] in

Ms. Leena Rajput



leena[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Naveen Kumar Fagna



naveen[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Roashan Bhimrao Patil



roashan[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Ms. Tulika Pandey
Scientist 'F', MeitY
 Chief Vigilance Officer +91-11-24364736 


Bengaluru and Chennai Office
Dr. A. Paventhan  Director +91-80-23617532 

paventhan[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. Hari Krishna Atluri  Jr. Scientific Officer  +91-80-23617532

hari [dot] krishna[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in

Mr. R. Kesavan  Scientific Officer 'B'  +91-044-66469828

kesavan[at]eis [dot] ernet [dot] in